Motorcycle Helmet – Various Types

Everyone likes to enjoy riding their bike down the city freeways or go on long rides to have an exhilarating experience. However, motorcycle riding comes with its own set of risks and therefore, it is important to take proper care to protect yourself in case of an accident. There are a number of accessories available today to protect the rider but one of the most important accessories for reducing risk of serious injury is a motorcycle helmet.

There are many different types of motorcycle helmet available in the market these days but there are a number of factors that affect the choice. One of the factors is the personality of the rider. For instance, a full face motorcycle helmet is safer as compared to the half helmet and therefore, people who are more concerned with safety are more likely to wear full face helmet.

Another important thing that plays a role in choosing the type of motorcycle helmet is the budget. A higher priced helmet not only looks good but also has several other features that make it more comfortable than a lower priced helmet but one should never compromise on the quality of the helmet on the basis of price. A helmet should offer you safety and protection in case you have an accident.

Moto1 has a variety of helmets to offer. Here is a list of some of the major types of helmets available on their website.

Half Helmet

These are extremely popular with the category of riders who want to have a bit more freedom as compared to wearing a full face helmet. This type of helmet provides more ventilation and many people consider them to be not as constraining as a full face helmet as these do not cover the entire head. However, it is also important to keep in mind that these do not offer as much protection due to the fact that the level of support provided to the rider's head is lesser.

Another drawback when it comes to safety is that these helmets also do not come with face masks and therefore, the riders need to wear something extra for eye protection. These are better worn in warm riding conditions as the increased ventilation keeps the rider cool.

Full Face Helmet

These are highly popular when compared to the half helmets as these offer a higher level of comfort and safety to riders. The shell of this helmet completely covers the head of the rider and it wraps around the front of the face offering protection to the overall head. These are great for riding in cooler conditions as these offer protection from cold temperatures and these also protect the face from flying debris and dirt.

There are many different types of full face helmets available on the website in a variety of designs.

Novelty Helmets

There are also some novelty helmets available in the market. These are lightweight and offer maximum comfort but one of the biggest drawbacks of these helmets is that these do not offer the level of protection offered by other types of helmets.

Overall, these are some of the major types of helmets. If you have to wear a helmet in hot conditions, you may prefer the half helmet as it offers more ventilation but a full face helmet should be worn if you're riding in cold conditions or want more protection.